Gina Ortiz

Business Affairs Manager

Gina is Mustang’s business affairs manager, and let’s just say, when you work with Gina, consider business handled! From billing, to accounting, to deadlines, to office management, to strategic planning, to continuous process improvement, to juggling a delightful team of multiple personalities, Gina keeps it all straight.

It’s no surprise if you know Gina’s background. After receiving a BA in Communication Arts and Political Science from California Lutheran University, she went on to study organizational management and earn an MBA. Throughout her work as a manager and a leader in business, she found that her true talent and calling was guiding teams and individuals through transitions.

Outside of her role at Mustang, Gina enjoys working with people from all walks of life as they face the transitions that we are all inevitably presented with. Her passion is helping you believe in yourself and know that with the right tools and guidance anything is possible for you. In fact, after discovering her passion for helping others through transitions, she returned to school to earn a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with and emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy to continue this work.

Truly, Gina’s life journey has made her skilled and highly effective at helping people transform their lives in all of the small ways that make a big difference, and she brings that energy to the Mustang team.

The most important thing in the world to her is her son, whom she lovingly calls pookadoodle even though he’s an adult.

She believes everyone should learn to meditate because of its power to calm the body and mind.

One of her favorite ways to pass the time is sitting in the backyard for hours when it’s around 73 degrees, there’s a light breeze and she’s engrossed in a really good historical fiction book. It’s an added bonus if the neighbor’s kids are playing in their backyard and their laughter can be heard in the background.