Strategic Planning

Marketing Success Starts With Marketing Strategy

If you head to the gym without a plan, you run the risk of spending more time wandering around aimlessly and getting distracted by the TVs than actually working out (trust us, we’ve been there). And after months of paying for a gym membership and countless hours wasted, you’ve seen every episode of “Friends” but are no closer to achieving your fitness goals. The same is true of marketing — without a strategy to focus your efforts, it’s much harder to be successful.

At Mustang, our commitment to “Strategically Driven Creative” guides everything we do. We work closely with our clients to set clear marketing Goals and identify the right Audiences, Messages and marketing Vehicles to achieve those Goals. Then, as we continue to collaborate with you and implement strategic marketing efforts, we carefully monitor results, conduct additional research and adapt our approach as needed to maximize your long-term success.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategies
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Content Calendars
  • Media Plans
  • Style Guides
  • Research
  • Product Launch Plans

Want to learn more about our philosophy on strategic planning?
Check out our founder and CEO Scott Harris’ book “RoadMap: A Guide to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan.”

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