Jennifer Neal

Operations Manager

Jennifer Neal is Mustang Marketing’s operations manager. She first joined the firm in 2018 when Mustang acquired ZestNet Inc., the Ventura County-based marketing firm where she worked for seven years. Jennifer graduated from California State University Channel Islands with a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in psychology.

When Jennifer was hired at ZestNet in 2011, it was meant to be a temporary job while she finished her education in physical therapy, but she ended up being drawn to marketing as she became more involved at the company. In her previous role at ZestNet and in her current role with Mustang, Jennifer handles all of the day-to-day operational tasks to ensure that we provide a seamless experience for our clients. In addition to processing client invoicing and managing project deadlines, Jennifer participates creatively, developing and analyzing marketing campaigns and coordinating print and digital advertising.

Outside of the office, Jennifer volunteers for two nonprofits, Caiden’s Hope and the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, and she just recently started taking classes to learn American Sign Language.

Her idea of the perfect day is lying on a sunny beach, with music and a good book!

Jennifer has escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find her…
Relaxing in the backyard with her husband, Brian, and their two boys.

Jennifer was born in Texas and dutifully raised as a Dallas Cowboys fan — for life.

Jennifer got her first job when she was 12, working as a cashier at a local restaurant.

Jennifer is a firm believer that soy sauce makes everything better.