Skin Age

JAFRA’s new line of skin care products addresses the skin concerns of women of all ages, and the video—from the script to the models to the visual cues—had to represent each demographic with equal weight, interest and respect. Mustang educated ourselves on the effects of aging on the skin to properly portray what JAFRA’s skin

Workrite Hang Tag Booklet

These information-rich booklets accompanied Workrite’s flame-resistant (FR) garments in select stores to provide consumers and retailers with a more in-depth look at each garment: its fabric, which standards it meets, FR FAQ, and care and maintenance instructions. In order to avoid overwhelming or weighing down the garment, the booklet had to be small, but also

Dickies FR Tech Brief

As part of Dickies’ expansion into Canada with their flame-resistant (FR) garments, Mustang came up with the idea to create a technical brief explaining the benefits, standards, care instructions and other critical information regarding FR clothing. This tech brief was made available both online and in select stores that sold the garments themselves. The key