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Defying the Millennial Career Stereotype

Millennial. For some, this term brings to mind positive traits, such as tech savvy and an entrepreneurial spirit. For others, it strikes a more negative chord, bringing to mind laziness and a sense of entitlement. One thing is certain, however, Millennials are the subject of a great deal of stereotypes.

Among the most fascinating of these stereotypes, at least in the world of business, is the idea that Millennials frequently jump from job to job. Some attribute the millennial tendency to switch jobs to the fact that the recession inspired these new workers to take jobs they would have otherwise turned down, some attribute it to the Millennials’ notoriously short attention spans and others place the responsibility on employers for failing to adapt to Millennials’ unique career motivations. In reality, the trend may be due to a combination of any/all of those things. Perhaps, it’s nothing more than a myth born from coincidence.

Regardless, here at Mustang Marketing we are happy to say that our predominantly millennial team seems to defy this stereotype. Many of our team members have been with the company for more than five years, and our newer members seem excited to stick around for the long haul. While this deviation from the millennial norm could be the result of any number of things, we like to think that it is due, at least in part, to our company culture and philosophy.

Mustang’s work and our company culture both involve a blend of strategy, creativity, seriousness and fun — elements that we believe also contribute to our high level of employee retention.

 Strategy – Mustang’s dedication to strategy helps give our team a common goal, building a sense of unity, purpose and shared accomplishment.

Creativity – Working in a creative environment keeps our minds active, makes each day a new adventure, and allows us to explore our interests and passions.

Seriousness – Although Mustang is a lively, entertaining place to work, the success of our clients and our own company remain our top priorities. This gives our team opportunities to take pride in hard work, meet new challenges and continue to grow in our careers at Mustang.

Fun – Whether we are spending lunch playing cards in the conference room, attending a team member’s wedding or just playfully teasing each other, the team-building fun Mustang incorporates into our days keeps us refreshed in our own work and supportive of each other.

Maybe Mustang’s philosophy is the answer for any company looking to keep its millennial staff members happy, or maybe we are just lucky to have found something that works well for us. Either way, Mustang is proud of our stereotype-challenging Millennials!