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Lexikat Artists Identity

Lexikat Artists

As a literary management group, Lexikat Artists represents individuals in the literary and entertainment industries. In order to be able to constantly hand over their cards to budding talent, publishers and other entertainment bigwigs, they need cards to hand over. Good cards, at least. But they came to us, so they got great ones.

But Mustang didn’t stop there—continuity is key, people! The team met for approximately 1.4 seconds before figuring out that Lexikat Artists could benefit from an entire identity package. We convinced them to let us outfit them in new business cards, stationery, envelopes—the works.

The brand reflected a cutting-edge, metropolitan look to complement their New York and Los Angeles demographic focus. Modern style elements such as bold colors and sharp geometric shapes framed the cards and other identity items, creating a cohesive, new look for the talent agency, and another successful campaign to add to our portfolio.

lexikat-identity-full-1 lexikat-identity-half-1 lexikat-identity-half-2