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Gold Team Brochure

Gold Team Brochure

We know first hand how great it is to work in California—and when we like something, we think you should like it, too. So it was a no-brainer for us to support two trailblazing politicians, State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, with their pilot program to retain and attract companies to California, called Gold Team of California.

Tasked with developing a traditional brochure, the team met to determine how to best speak to two different audiences: businesses that were already in California that we wanted to stay, and businesses outside of California that we wanted to move.

Instead of trying to come up with dual messages, we decided to focus on California, from the look to the copy. With a California-centric piece, the message would adapt itself to the reader: it would either remind them of what it’s like to live and work in California, or it would entice them to do so. We even went so far as to base the color palette on the unique burnt-orange color of our famous Southern California beach sunsets. Who can resist those?

goldteam-brochure-half-1 goldteam-brochure-half-2