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Community Bank E-Blasts

Community Bank E-Blast Campaign

With 17 business centers and dozens of business loan programs and solutions, Community Bank has a lot of ground to cover. Pointing out that utilizing cyberspace through a series of e-blasts would be the fastest and easiest way to do so didn’t take a whole lot of convincing. But that didn’t mean the finished product could be any less compelling than a printed piece.

Not only that, because we were developing the template for a new e-blast series, the design had to be strong and flexible enough to work over and over again. Community Bank delivers content to their audience on a variety of subjects—from marketing promotions to IT security tips. The look had to encompass the gamut of potential topics, and sustain a variety of copy and graphic layouts. Deceptively simple, instantly effective.

Now that we’ve helped solve Community Bank’s pesky problem of having too many successful branches and entirely too many clients, they can continue to reach out to this beastly customer base with speed, ease and consistency.