Event Box

Following an annual McDonald’s trade show in Chicago, S2K wanted to send a collection of promotional items to those who were able to visit them at the event, as well as those who could not make it, to help stay top-of-mind with their audience. Mustang created a mailing box design that reflected the spirit of

Community Bank Direct Mailer

Community Bank Success – Direct Mail Phone How do you get the attention of a CEO? You treat him or her like a CEO. Part of the Community Bank mantra is their superior customer service—talking to you, not down to you, and always being there to meet your needs. That philosophy goes all the way

Workrite Pocket Mailer

Workrite Pocket Mailer When direct mail works, it makes a statement; when it doesn’t, it’s junk mail. And Mustang doesn’t do junk—and neither does Workrite. The key aspect of the Workrite brand is the quality of their flame-resistant (FR) garments—so Mustang had the idea to put that on full display. We took a piece of

Comco Make Better Implants

Comco Makes Better Implants For our first client (ever), Mustang pushed the envelope…out the door. We designed the entire direct mail piece around an included sample implant product, and designed all-new packaging to grab people’s attention: a custom-made box to house Comco’s product and messaging. Which was a bit of a risk—a package is more