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Community Bank Direct Mailer

Community Bank Success – Direct Mail Phone

How do you get the attention of a CEO? You treat him or her like a CEO.

Part of the Community Bank mantra is their superior customer service—talking to you, not down to you, and always being there to meet your needs. That philosophy goes all the way to the top of the Community Bank ladder, and Mustang had just the plan to prove it.

We created a direct mail piece that no one would throw away, because it didn’t come in an envelope: it came in a box. Raise your hand if you love packages! We designed the box, and made sure what was inside was package worthy: a pre-paid cell phone with Community Bank CEO Dave Malone’s personal cell phone number programmed in, and a note from Mr. Malone to the recipient.

The campaign stretched Mr. Malone’s minute plan to the max, but also solidified the way Community Bank values its banking partnerships with their clients.

Besides, when was the last time the CEO of your bank asked you to make a house call? We’ll wait.


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