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Consistency Is Key for Marketing Success

Have you ever met someone and then completely forgotten their name by the next time you saw them? It’s happened to most of us. And what if that person had completely changed their hair and clothing style before you saw them again? There’s a good possibility you wouldn’t recognize them at all, let alone remember their name. But after being introduced to someone a few times, especially if their looks and the surrounding context remain the same, it’s much easier to remember who they are.

The same concept applies to marketing. Consistency is key in making sure your organization is as memorable as possible. And in order to get the greatest benefits, you will need consistent messages, consistent branding and consistent connection.

Consistent Messages

Going back to the example of making introductions, imagine if someone was first introduced to you as your friend’s boyfriend, and the next time he was introduced as her coworker, and then again as her childhood acquaintance. It is possible that all three of these things are true, but the inconsistency would make it difficult for you to truly gain an understanding of the relationship between your friend and the other individual. And depending on how memorable each encounter was, you might even be confused about whether you even met the same person each time.

When it comes to marketing, it’s normal to want to share every last detail about your brand. But if you are sending too many different messages to your audience, they are likely to get confused, and each message will lose some of its potential impact. It is better to choose just a few key messages to focus on, and reinforce them consistently throughout all of your marketing efforts. 

This repetition will help your audience get a clear idea of what you are trying to communicate and give them a better chance of remembering the most important details about your organization.

Consistent Branding

Think of your favorite chain restaurant. You could probably recognize their sign from the street before you even got close enough to read it. And all it would take is a glance at a wrapper or box for you to know who made the food inside. That’s the power of strong branding. 

Your audience should be able to easily identify your brand from just a quick glance. And the best way to make sure they can, is to create consistency in your color palette, fonts and imagery/graphics style. 

At Mustang Marketing, we help our clients establish this consistency through our BrandMap process, which explores and solidifies every visual aspect of the brand, creating a look and feel that truly reflects the organization’s identity.

Consistent Connection

No matter how consistent your messages and branding are, it won’t do you much good unless you are consistently connecting with your audience to share them. With so much information out there competing for attention, a single e-blast or ad is usually not enough to ensure your brand gets remembered.

If you reinforce your marketing efforts across multiple platforms, with repetition over time, you increase the chances that your messages will stick and your organization will remain top of mind. Not sure which efforts to focus on or how often to implement them? Our RoadMap process is a great way to get started.

When it comes to creating a lasting impression, consistency offers a tremendous advantage. By establishing a recognizable look for your brand, communicating clear messages, and regularly engaging with your audience, you’re setting yourself up for success.