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Who Knew Bees Could Inspire Marketing Strategy?

A motorcycle helmet distributor and apparel manufacturer.

A produce grower.

A local credit union.

A leading provider of products and services to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses.

You might be wondering where we’re going with this list, which describes a few of Mustang’s clients — Helmet House, Bonipak Produce, Ventura County Credit Union and Mission Linen Supply, respectively.

As you read it over, you likely noticed it spans a variety of industries and specialties. And you’re probably wondering, “How does a marketing firm effectively create strategies that benefit clients across so many marketplaces?

Cross pollination.

Just what exactly does this mean? Literally, it’s defined as the process in which “something grows or is stimulated by the introduction of a different element.”

Applied in marketing strategy, it’s the transfer of ideas regardless of origination. And this is important. We find that our clients benefit when we bring together as much of our talented staff as possible to bounce ideas off the very purple walls and develop campaigns or marketing strategies.

In addition to our own “creative juice” sessions, we meet with businesses that specialize in different platforms and tools that can strengthen marketing efforts when strategically paired. Oftentimes, we’ll find that in discussing their services for one client, later conversations will generate how those services could benefit a variety of our clients in different ways.

Done well, strategic marketing doesn’t discriminate. Any company, across any medium, can celebrate the successes and ROI derived from customized, well-planned marketing and PR — which is why, when a business is looking to strengthen their marketing, the focus should be on firms who specialize in strategy, more so than a specific industry.

The process isn’t about operating from a one-size-fits-all approach, which is what makes it so uniquely enjoyable. Analyzing specifically how each component we select will work and benefit each client’s short- and long-term goals is creatively challenging — and rewarding — when the results come in. And, this is where we really see this concept of cross pollination in action and how ideas can be applied across industries.

For those companies who want to invest in new, fresh marketing that pushes the needle, working with a firm that’s dipped their toe in — OK, cannon-balled in — a variety of industries, might just be the business relationship that’s been missing.