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From Ashes We Will Rise

To Our Friends, Clients, Partners and Community,

As you may now be aware, Mustang, like many businesses and families, was under emergency evacuation protocol beginning last Thursday afternoon, through Sunday evening, as a result of the Hill Fire — one of two fires that devastated our community immediately upon the heels of another tragedy that has left us reeling, the unimaginably horrific Borderline shooting.

This community is a close-knit one — the kind where everyone knows everyone. Never has this felt more true than in the aftermath of these tragedies, where it can be said with certainty that if we weren’t directly affected, we knew someone or many someones who were.

Our hearts are with the survivors and the families of the victims from the Borderline shooting. We mourned as each name was announced, young lives full of promise and hope taken far too soon. And now, the devastation of the fires. We’ve learned of the loss of life and the houses destroyed in the fire, and we can only hope that as our brave firefighters work tirelessly to contain the fire, those in our community can evacuate safely and return home soon.

We are so grateful that in our community’s time of need the leaders who represent us have handled these heavy circumstances with grace, poise and a firm response. Our first responders have risen above and beyond, responding to back-to-back tragedies without hesitation. Even now, as we write this, helicopters can be heard overhead, sirens in the background. Community members lined up in droves to donate blood — so much so that appointments were being scheduled into this week. Local restaurants have offered to host fundraisers for those affected by both tragedies.

Our community has come together and will continue to do so, the newfound and heightened sense of community the silver lining on a terribly black cloud. Our hearts have been broken. We’re angry. We’re sad. We’re tired. But, we’re hopeful. Today we mourn, honor and respect the lives of those lost and sacrificed. We give thanks to all of those in our community who have been leaders throughout this past week.

And, to our fellow community members, we stand with you and beside you as we begin the journey of grieving, healing and rebuilding.