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This is why


By: Scott Harris

S2K Graphics is a good client of ours. Actually, they are both a client and a vendor for Mustang. S2K Graphics designs, manufactures and distributes innovative, point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) elements, primarily for the fast food industry. In simple terms, they do the kick-ass, 3-D, larger than life, attention-grabbing displays found in your smarter fast food joints, primarily McDonald’s.

And we handle their marketing. A while back, we convinced them of the potential and value of doing public relations (PR), something they hadn’t done previously. The thing about PR is that is takes time to gain traction and awareness, which requires a commitment and patience from the client in order to see the return on investment (ROI) that justifies the investment. Dan Pulos, president and founder of S2K Graphics, trusted his instincts— and Mustang— and made the commitment. It has begun to pay off for him big time, with his parent company, Franke, noticing what has been happening and, more importantly, so have his clients.

Now Dan and S2K Graphics have been winning awards for years. However, as a result of Mustang’s work, they have submitted their work in award opportunities that they hadn’t before and, as a testament to their quality and innovation, are winning. As a result of leveraging their PR to publicize these wins, they are receiving emails like the following that Dan received yesterday:

“I just saw this announcement. Congrats! It seems like I’m seeing a great deal of S2K honors in the media these days.”

And as a result of emails like the one Dan received yesterday, we receive emails from Dan like this one yesterday:

“Mustang Marketing has been a great partner to S2K Graphics over the past several years.  Dianne and crew have done a terrific job taking our message to market.  I’ve been particularly impressed with the press coverage they’ve garnered for S2K.  That coverage has kept S2K in the spotlight within our industry and generated leads for us.  Finally, I’ve found Dianne and Scott to be solid strategic thinkers.  They have great business acumen and have been terrific sounding boards for me as S2K seeks to address new business challenges.”

And, in a continuing Domino’s fashion, as a result of Dan’s note to us, I have written this blog post, highlighting Dan’s successes and at the same time, giving PR and Mustang a little push. If you want to talk about PR, community relations or government relations –give me a call and maybe one day I’ll be writing our shared success.