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Vibe Style Book

Vibe Style Book

We can admit it: our design team is a regular old boys’ club. So when we successfully branched out and landed this project from worldwide makeup company, JAFRA, our designers had to do the unthinkable: let the girls in.

Never a group to adhere to stereotypes, the boys took to the assignment like any other project: with enthusiasm and a desire to learn and to please. JAFRA’s Vibe has a decidedly youthful direction, freeing the designers to be playful and contemporary.

The entire team took over the conference room to study the product from all angles—the packaging right down to the way the makeup smudged against paper—to get inspiration for a vibrant design and fresh lingo. At the end of it all, we had a style book to send to JAFRA that would dictate their entire Vibe campaign…and one messy conference room.

JAFRA Vibe Style Book Spread