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Putting a Fresh Spin on Strategically Driven Creative

For more than three decades, Mustang Marketing has been putting our philosophy of “strategically driven creative” into action to help bring our clients’ brands to life with campaigns that pack just the right punch. And now we’ve applied that same philosophy to our very own logo, creating a new design that perfectly captures our brand, both honoring our history of success and celebrating where we are headed in years to come.

The new branding reflects the vision of President Dianne McKay, who assumed ownership of Mustang after our founder, Scott Harris, retired. Dianne wanted the logo to demonstrate our trusted ability to infuse the right combination of seriousness, fun, strategy and creativity into every marketing piece. For her, and all of us at Mustang, the new logo shows how, as we stay true to what we’re known for, we’re also excited by what lies ahead, ready to adapt, evolve and continue leading our clients to success

Our new logo has a clean and modern feel with a forward-facing arrow on the left to symbolize the future. The more dominant right portion, which resembles an angled party hat, underscores our focus on marketing while at the same time suggesting fun and creativity. 

After much color exploration, we have also added a new hue to our palette. We’ve wanted to include blue in our brand identity for some time — and we finally found the perfect bold blue to complement the purple that has always been our primary color. 

We couldn’t be more excited about our new logo and all it represents. Ready for a brand shake up of your own? We’re here to help!