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2018 Marketing Trends and Predictions



Prior to working with Mustang Marketing, I was living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I have also traveled extensively and absorbed diverse cultures in many fascinating and enriching places. Through these experiences, I have had the opportunity to observe a variety of business atmospheres and take note of the consistent marketing trends emerging among them.

In my opinion, marketing trends are moving toward the pairing of hands-on client engagement and community participation with an efficient, forward-thinking digital presence. With this in mind, my predictions for key 2018 marketing trends are as follows:

  1. Client engagement is key: In-person, live interactions are valuable and meaningful ways to strengthen relationships and win over new clients.
  1. Digital presence: Staying current and ahead of the game with social media and digital trends is imperative for growth and efficiency in the changing business landscape.
  1. Community participation: Your clients and your customers are in the community. It is important to participate and network in a meaningful way to bolster your reputation and, ultimately, your business’s reputation.
  1. Personalization: More and more we notice that our clients’ target audiences respond to high-value, personalized content curated specifically toward their unique interests and needs.
  1. Adaptability: It is important to stay mentally flexible and educated as to what customers want — especially in light of how trends are shifting to more and more personalized, hands-on digital content.

As a new addition to the Mustang family, I have a fresh, unbiased perspective on the culture and personality of the company. Personally, I feel that Mustang excels in the key areas mentioned above. Mustang has a fantastic, hands-on approach that resonates with clients, and the combination of client engagement, experience, strategy and creative the agency delivers is unparalleled. Clients like to be taken care of and spoken to honestly and in a straightforward way. This is part of the recipe for Mustang’s success. It is the combination of these attributes along with an engaged, friendly staff that sets Mustang apart from other agencies.

Happy New Year! Together we can make 2018 successful and enjoyable.


Cameron Crisman