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The Importance of Onboarding with a “Hello”

promo-overlay-donuts-768x384Mustang Marketing welcomed a new web developer/designer to the team last week! Billy joined us on a Thursday and we all got to celebrate with donuts! Normally, we also try and take our new employees out for lunch on their first day, but Billy has joined us in the middle of trade show season and busy, tight deadlines, so hopefully the donuts and welcome card sufficed for his first day.

Our account coordinator, Annelie, wasn’t in the office to greet Billy. This isn’t newsworthy, but what stemmed as a result of her absence has led us to reflect on onboarding and greeting policies.

Upon Annelie’s return to the office, the very first thing she did was walk up to Billy when he arrived to his desk, greeted him with a “hello,” introduced herself and showed him where she sat in case he needed anything. This was after no prompting, just her own initiative to do so.

She noted being inspired to take this approach after having come across a comment on LinkedIn from a Human Resources professional:

“Let’s say hypothetically that someone new started at your firm today! I do not care if you make $500K or a starting hourly salary. I think it’s your job as a human being to walk over and introduce yourself to the new person.

This isn’t a hard task and if you even say you’re too busy for that – it’s time to check yourself.  So they’re the new receptionist and you’re in Global Bluckety Bluck? Cool. Titles don’t matter. Get up from your desk, or your cube and go say, “Hi, My name is X. What’s your name? How is the first day going? Gosh, first days can suck! Working at X is really terrific. I know you might have some questions about the X, or the Y, or the A so here’s my email address. Please email me and I sit over on the 4th floor!” (oh and you can breathe in between!)”

Onboarding employees plays a critical role in a successful transition, especially where team environments are concerned. At Mustang, we have a mostly open-concept office layout combined with an intimate staff. As a small business, it’s perhaps even more important for us to ensure that each and every employee feel valued and welcomed, whether on their first or three-hundredth day. We believe onboarding isn’t optional, rather, it’s a key component of developing working relationships that last within your company as it sets the tone for what to expect in an environment and from its staff.

At Mustang, we take extra steps—when we can—to greet every new employee and make them feel welcome, usually with some combination of Mustang gear, a welcome card signed by the team, flowers, donuts and beyond. Starting the first day off on the right note sets everyone up for a smooth transition, and more importantly, shapes employee morale.

Of course, onboarding requires more than “welcome” gifts— it requires communication and a proper introduction to workplace protocol and practices to ease the employee into the new environment and set them on the right path to achieve role objectives. But, a donut never hurt anyone, right?

What are some steps you take at your company when onboarding a new employee?