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Workrite Website

Workrite Website

Workrite’s website redevelopment had a clear mission: to turn the site into an industry hub for flame resistance (FR) professionals worldwide. No small task. The emphasis for content was education, objectivity and interactivity; for design, a streamlined and eye-catching look, with plenty of copy “call-outs” to keep the reader engaged throughout pages with more text.

In addition to an overview of FR clothing basics and unique, customer-customizable e-commerce capabilities, the new site provides a variety of interactive and educational tools, including a robust FAQ section; a literature download page containing all Workrite white papers, brochures and catalogs;; FR information for specific industries such as fire service, industrial, combustible dust and more; FR standards information; online shopping; and, of course, a detailed look at what makes Workrite a superior FR manufacturer.

Incorporating new graphic designs, photography, downloadable materials and copy, the Workrite website embodied the meaning of “revision.” And the new vision is everything the client could have asked for—which is what we strive for, every time.


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