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The RoadMap Book

The RoadMap Book

It was weeks into the design phase before we realized that we hadn’t appropriately titled our very own president’s first business advice book. We had, with loving enthusiasm, simply been referring to it as “the RoadMap book,” and that working title made it all the way through a few rounds of design before anyone asked what we would actually call it.

Scott settled on RoadMap: A Guide to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan. The title not only explains what the book is about—a thorough, easy-to-follow book on the value of a strategic marketing plan and how to make one for your own business—but it exemplifies the straightforward nature of Scott’s writing.

Mustang has built a brand on strategically driven creative—we have created dozens of strategic plans for clients, spoken on the importance of strategic planning at hundreds of seminars across the country and penned numerous columns on how to best craft a successful strategic plan. How many more ways could we say it?

As it turns out: one. A book. Scott took his 30-plus years of marketing strategy experience to the best possible use, providing step-by-step instructions to creating the Mustang RoadMap, the ideal strategic marketing plan. Colored in literally with eyecatching designs and figuratively with real-life anecdotes, the book was Scott’s answer to not being everywhere at once. His advice is just an <Amazon purchase> away (gotta love plugs!). In fact, in its first week of release, the book reached #11 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Marketing!

To help supplement traditional PR and other promotion efforts for the book, the design team created a landing page for the book, which brought us another American Web Design award in 2013.

Everything about this book has become a success—so much so, that Scott can’t wait to write another one! What will it be about, you ask? Stay tuned…