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PSSI Strategic TV Brochure

PSSI/Strategic TV Brochure

PSSI Global Services LLC is a combination of two companies with great individual histories: Production & Satellite Services Inc. was formed in 1987 to provide consultation and coordination of television production and satellite transmission services, and Strategic Television Inc. was founded in 1979 and grew to become the broadcaster’s choice for high-profile event transmission coordination. Joining the two companies on the brochure meant highlighting their respective histories and accolades while also moving forward to present them as a single company.

We pulled it off through multiple meetings with the client and a lot of trial and error—with design and with copy. Limited space meant making the most of every square inch, so it took a great deal of collaboration and drafts to come up with the best way to describe PSSI’s services and history, and the best way to display those descriptions. All the work paid off, however, with a modern brochure that shows off the best that PSSI has to offer its customers.