There’s [Sometimes] an App for That

Earlier this month, the digital news source Mashable released an article detailing the inevitable death of web design. The supposed “symptoms” of its downfall ranged from template commoditization and design pattern maturity to mobile device complications and the preference for artificial intelligence over human decision-making when it comes to web design. Facebook home pages were also an indicator of web design’s imminent demise.

“Facebook pages are so efficient in making a business visible that they are rendering basic web pages useless,” the author explained.

So what does this mean for businesses? Should unique dot-coms be given up in favor of generic WordPress templates and Facebook home pages flooded with photos and — ideally — positive reviews?

At Mustang, we are hesitant to believe that companies should forego quality web design in favor of an “Add Us on Facebook” link.

“I think using Facebook as a company home page is dangerous because it puts the control in someone else’s hands,” says Chris Barrett, Mustang’s creative director. “You are at the mercy of Facebook.”

Creative Manager Michael Arroyo also sees issues with Facebook’s user-friendly algorithms. “On Facebook, you can’t control what ads show up. I don’t think it would be good business to have competitors’ ads on your web presence,” he explains.

Another problem with Mashable’s diagnosis? Our ever-changing world.

“Websites in 10 years will definitely be different from what they are today,” Arroyo explains. “But so will the world. It will be cool to see how things shape up. I highly doubt that the most widely used source of information is going to die anytime soon.”

While the article highlights useful things to consider when it comes to web design, the Mustang Marketing team is hesitant to release the reigns of creativity to automated services and premade frameworks.

“I think we can all agree, though, that not a single out-of-the-box, social, template piece of any kind of technology just works without the need for design and human support,” Arroyo explains. “That includes Google, Facebook, WordPress, Apple or whatever else is waiting around the corner.”

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From Cauthen to Stacey


Our all-star communications coordinator transformed from Nerissa Cauthen to Nerissa Stacey right before our eyes. Her six-year love story with Nolan Stacey began in high school. Their love carried them through college, graduating from California Lutheran University together and beginning their careers.

Now, they were already engaged when Nerissa started working at Mustang Marketing in 2014, but we were lucky enough to share in the best part of their relationship: becoming husband and wife.

On Friday, June 12, 2015, Nerissa and Nolan gathered family and friends at Conejo Creek North Park in Thousand Oaks to celebrate their love and commitment to one another. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as Nerissa and Nolan shared their vows, and no one will forget the high fives, huge grins and laughter that followed their official introduction to wedding guests as “Mr. and Mrs. Stacey.”

It was a wonderful time to be a part of the Mustang family, and we wish Nerissa and Nolan every happiness in the world. Here are a few highlights from their special day:




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Defying the Millennial Career Stereotype

Millennial. For some, this term brings to mind positive traits, such as tech savvy and an entrepreneurial spirit. For others, it strikes a more negative chord, bringing to mind laziness and a sense of entitlement. One thing is certain, however, Millennials are the subject of a great deal of stereotypes.

Among the most fascinating of these stereotypes, at least in the world of business, is the idea that Millennials frequently jump from job to job. Some attribute the millennial tendency to switch jobs to the fact that the recession inspired these new workers to take jobs they would have otherwise turned down, some attribute it to the Millennials’ notoriously short attention spans and others place the responsibility on employers for failing to adapt to Millennials’ unique career motivations. In reality, the trend may be due to a combination of any/all of those things. Perhaps, it’s nothing more than a myth born from coincidence.

Regardless, here at Mustang Marketing we are happy to say that our predominantly millennial team seems to defy this stereotype. Many of our team members have been with the company for more than five years, and our newer members seem excited to stick around for the long haul. While this deviation from the millennial norm could be the result of any number of things, we like to think that it is due, at least in part, to our company culture and philosophy.

Mustang’s work and our company culture both involve a blend of strategy, creativity, seriousness and fun — elements that we believe also contribute to our high level of employee retention.

 Strategy – Mustang’s dedication to strategy helps give our team a common goal, building a sense of unity, purpose and shared accomplishment.

Creativity – Working in a creative environment keeps our minds active, makes each day a new adventure, and allows us to explore our interests and passions.

Seriousness – Although Mustang is a lively, entertaining place to work, the success of our clients and our own company remain our top priorities. This gives our team opportunities to take pride in hard work, meet new challenges and continue to grow in our careers at Mustang.

Fun – Whether we are spending lunch playing cards in the conference room, attending a team member’s wedding or just playfully teasing each other, the team-building fun Mustang incorporates into our days keeps us refreshed in our own work and supportive of each other.

Maybe Mustang’s philosophy is the answer for any company looking to keep its millennial staff members happy, or maybe we are just lucky to have found something that works well for us. Either way, Mustang is proud of our stereotype-challenging Millennials!

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Challenges at Work

Sometimes the biggest obstacle of the day is you.

Your phone rings, social media buzzes, coworkers make noise, your mind wanders and before you know it, your deadline is here. You start to panic and stress about your project. You become so stressed, that you aren’t able to focus on your high-level, creative work. How could you? How could anyone possibly stay productive in all of this chaos?

We’ve been there — trust us. Mustang Marketing is a lively, chaotic, big personality company with high-level, attention-demanding, strategic projects that always seem to have tight deadlines. So, we’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

Although you might not be able to control external factors — coworkers, phones, those pesky search engines filled with adorable pictures of kittens — you can control your actions.

Here are some tips from the Mustang team to help you reach your maximum productivity:

Manage Your Time 

Decide how much time you need for your assigned task and block out phone calls, emails and other distractions to … focus.

Take a Break 

Go outside and walk away from your tasks for some fresh air. Give your mind a break and you’ll come back reenergized and ready to finish the task! A cool breeze, sunshine and open air may just inspire the creativity you need.

Stay Positive 

Remind yourself that you can do anything! And, you can. The less you stress, the more positive and productive you’ll be. Trust us.

Reward Yourself 

Every time you finish a big task or project, find a reward and treat yourself to something nice to keep you motivated and in the game.

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