A Holly Jolly Mustang Holiday Party

Mustang never does anything halfway, including our annual holiday party! This year, we went to La Dolce Vita in Oxnard and spent the evening sharing heartfelt reflections on the past year, opening Secret Santa gifts, exchanging some very creative ornaments, eating delicious food and laughing…a lot.

Here are just a few highlights:

We had a wrapping contest. Jess, our incumbent champion, was only slightly bitter about losing her title to Michael.

Wrapping Contest

Brett didn’t quite know what to do with his gift from Dianne. But it sure was funny watching him try to figure it out!

Brett posing

Money Wrapping Brett Money Hat 2

Before Dianne could have her gift, Randall told her she had to beat Jess and Danny in a game of “How Well Do You Know Dianne?” jeopardy. It was close, but she won!


Dianne Jeopardy

And, after all the unwrapping excitement was over and the evening started to wind down, the children had fun playing with their presents.


Happy holidays!

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The Prizes and Pitfalls of Professional Privacy

As I write this blog, I’m in a T-shirt, barefoot, one leg propped up on my desk playing music sort-of loudly, and I’ve probably picked at a nose itch within the last five minutes and not worried about what it looked like.

That’s because, for the vast majority of my work for Mustang Marketing, I don’t inhabit the beautiful office building on Old Conejo Road that the rest of my colleagues attend. I’m Mustang’s lone remote employee, residing in San Francisco, surrounded by a different culture, climate and colors (less purple here).

I’m not only Mustang’s only full-time remote employee, I am also their first full-time remote employee. This has taken some navigating from both parties, and I almost always like it. When I get those jaunty holiday songs stuck in my head in July, I can satiate my mind’s desire for those Wall-of-Sound earworms without judgment (or annoying those not ready for Kelly Clarkson’s latest additions to the Christmas carol canon).

I can also wear whatever I want, my commute from bed to desk is approximately seventeen seconds, and get my work done without the inherent distraction (however pleasant, and at Mustang, it almost always is) of other people.

Pivot: it’s not all fun and games. Actually, it’s neither of those things, ever. The Mustang team is a vibrant, cheerful, friendly, funny group. We get along, we joke and we know each other well enough to be well past cursory conversations. Whether it’s a sassy sticky note or a team lunch, fun and games permeate the hard work in small doses on the regular for in-house employees.

And I’m not a part of that. I get one slice of office cake for every 12 slices the on-site employees get. I’m occasionally forgotten about on those special few days work ends a bit early and inside jokes have to be politely explained to me, not unlike when a grandparent overhears one at Thanksgiving dinner.

Not only that, it is up to me to be vigilant about staying up-to-date on all internal and client matters. Sure, everyone at Mustang tries to loop me in, but “out of sight, out of mind” is a real thing, and if I’ve learned anything in my five years as a San Francisco Mustang, it’s that I am responsible for my own workflow and project understanding, even if that means simply picking up the phone and asking a question (and, usually, that’s what it means).

It doesn’t take a commercialized holiday season to remind me to be thankful of my job and its perks, some of which only exist to me. But the seasonal reminders of sharing and togetherness do highlight the party-of-one nature of my work environment. And if that ever starts to get me down, I put on pajama pants, blast my favorite song, and eat a snack that I’m glad no one can see me inhale.

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Mustang Sponsors Thousand Oaks’ ‘State of the City’ Address and Luncheon

On Dec. 9, 2014, we enjoyed the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in our community, at the City of Thousand Oaks’ “State of the City” address and luncheon.

Mustang sponsored the event, and Scott, Dianne, Randi and Chris all had the pleasure of attending it. Another excellent chance for Mustang to expand our local involvement and increase our knowledge of the Ventura County area!State of the City 2State of the City

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Shop with a Cop

Mustang was honored to help our client, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Foundation, advertise the department’s annual Shop with a Cop event, and we had a great time joining in the festivities!

The event gave underprivileged youth in Ventura County an opportunity to spend the morning getting to know their local police force while shopping for holiday presents for themselves and their families. Each participant was provided with a Target gift card, funded through donations collected by the Sheriff’s Foundation, for the occasion.

Santa Claus even made an appearance, giving the children involved in the event, as well as the rest of the community, a chance to pay him a visit.

It was truly a fantastic event, and fun was had by all (especially by everyone who got to see Scott join in the holiday spirit with his reindeer antlers).

shop with a cop shop with a cop2 shop with a cop 3

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