Mustang Marketing: The Next Generation

UntitledCharged with my first blog, I sit typing in my mom’s office preparing to send a blog off to my older brother to edit. My family is a part of this business, and we all start somewhere.

I’m not a writer like Danny. I’m not a business wiz like my mom, Dianne. I don’t have the skill set, experience, education or hours put into the company that they do, but now I am a part of it nonetheless. I work with the same people that they do, and we all deal with the same challenges and tasks. My mom assigns tasks based on client needs, such as a catalog, Danny will write and edit the catalog, and I’ll be the one putting all the necessary stamps on the envelopes to ensure the catalogs actually arrive at the right destination.

Untitled1Mustang is an interesting place to work. There will be days that I will come in, get my work for the day and muscle through it as would be expected in any office situation. Other days, I find my co-workers (who am I kidding, superiors) earning the title of creative staff. Brett will be slaving away on a wheel to go on the fridge to display whose turn it is to do dishes, Randall will turn a back-scratcher in to an “I have a question” stick, or Scott will pull the perfect tagline for a new client out of thin air.Untitled2

I couldn’t ask for much more out of a work experience. Hours that work around school and a paycheck are more than Danny had when he first started. Family and a staff with a decent sense of humor are waiting for me every day when I come to the office. Sure, I am the first person to get handed the jobs that everyone else hates to do, but they are usually good sports about it. (Nerissa, where would you be without me?) I may be at the bottom of the barrel, we’re all still in the same barrel. When the office was robbed, I felt the same way the rest of the Mustang team did. I just started to clean up the mess alongside everyone else, and we all moved on.

Working in the office adds another level to my life beyond school. Now, I carry my daily productivity with me for a few more hours before I crash into my bed getting home. I have fewer hours in the day to be 17 now that I have a job; I guess that’s growing up.

Yesterday, the topic of my official title came up. No one really knew what to call me. I mean, you can’t sign an email with “That guy who does lots of different little things as they come around.” So, the most appropriate title was selected. We all start somewhere.

Bennett McKay


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Mustang of All Trades

Image-1Imagine going to college and simultaneously majoring in every subject offered. In a way (a good way), that might be something like working at Mustang Marketing. As a full-service creative agency with a broad variety of clients, Mustang can easily be described as a “Jack of all trades.” And, in my role as an administrative assistant, which has made me a bit of a “Jack of all trades” myself, I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn about each of them.

Within the world of marketing alone, the necessary scope of knowledge and skill is impressive. There are limitless vehicles to understand, from traditional print advertising to social media to over-the-top promotional swag. And then, there is the matter of incorporating those vehicles into a successful overall campaign strategy, which—among many other things—requires constant monitoring of market trends, awareness of the differences between various demographics and the ability to allocate resources effectively.

But strategy itself is only the beginning. Once a campaign approach has been developed, its execution requires a host of tactical skills—from the visual creativity and Photoshop expertise of graphic designers to the eloquence and grammatical acuity of copywriters. There is also the networking and media knowledge public relations experts contribute and the coding talents of website designers. Not to mention the business savvy and communication skills account executives display when discussing the campaign with a client.

However, what truly makes working at Mustang similar to acquiring a few dozen academic degrees is the fact that, in addition to mastering our own expansive field, we also need to develop a thorough understanding of each of our clients’ industries. In my time at Mustang, I have learned about landscaping, wedding venues, flame-resistant clothing, politics, banking, Internet access gateways and satellite uplink trucks (to name just a few).

While the sheer vastness of the knowledge available can be intimidating at times, it is also incredibly exciting. In the seven short months I have been working at Mustang, my understanding of both marketing and the world in general has grown tenfold, yet it still feels like there’s so much more I can learn. And, I have a happy suspicion that in this world, that’s a feeling that never goes away.

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Pacific Coast Business Times Features Scott’s Article

What do resolutions, football and resumes have in common? Scott wrote about all of them in a recent op/ed, published by the Pacific Coast Business Times! See the original article here or read it below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.47.38 AM

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Fun with Desk Toys

The average American spends 40 hours per week from age 20-65 working. That is 10.3 years of answering emails, listening to hold music and sitting at a desk. Here at Mustang, we try our hardest to make that time as fun as possible.  And, what’s more fun then toys?

Everyone at Mustang has taken time to personalize their desks with something that makes the space uniquely “them” and gives Mustang some of its charm.

See if you can guess which desk belongs to each Mustang staffer:


Scott Desk


Chris Desk


Randi Desk


Jess Desk


Nerissa Desk


Michael Desk




Jenny Desk


Dianne Desk


Danny Desk


Randall Desk



A. Scott, B. Chris, C. Randi, D. Jess, E. Nerissa, F. Michael, G. Brett, H. Jenny, I. Dianne, J. Danny, K. Randall

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