Fast Food Favorites

Whether you love fast food or gag a little just driving past a McDonald’s, there is one thing we can all agree on—fast food restaurants can be considered major players in the marketing industry. As such, the Mustang team felt obligated to write a blog post to pay homage to these advertising giants (okay, fine, maybe we were just excited for lunch).

So, without further ado, here is a guide to the best and worst of fast food dining from the culinary experts at Mustang Marketing.



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Making a Difference


MustangMktg_LSS_Sleeping Bags 2As of late, the Mustang office has been more crowded than usual. This might have something to do with adding a fantastic new graphic designer to our team, but more than likely it is because we have been sharing our space with towers upon towers of sleeping bags.

This was our third year hosting a sleeping bag drive for Ventura County’s homeless and, thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, we are thrilled to announce it was our most successful drive to date! With the help of Noah’s Cleaners, who provided free dry cleaning for used sleeping bags, we were able to provide a whopping 337 sleeping bags to Lutheran Social Services for distribution.

MustangMktg_Sleeping Bags 1With many homeless shelters closing as winter ends, and nighttime temperatures in the low 40s, these donations will provide the county’s homeless with much needed warmth.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s sleeping bag drive—your kindness makes a difference!

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Getting Creative Outside of Work

blogimageAs a graphic designer, I spend roughly eight hours per day “being creative”—and I get paid to do it! Despite that, creativity isn’t something I just put down when I leave the office. Instead, I often find myself seeking ways to incorporate creativity into my after-hours life.

Getting creative outside of work helps keep me challenged and passionate about what I do, and it gives me opportunities to experiment and discover new techniques and ideas I might not encounter in the workplace. For example, in the past I challenged my skill set by participating in a weekly design challenge called Project 52. While a fascinating experience in and of itself, Project 52 also helped me in my career—ideas come more quickly and easily, and I am able to identify more interesting and unique ways to solve creative problems.

I realize, however, that taking the initiative to “get creative” outside of work isn’t necessarily as simple as it sounds. As something of a procrastinator, I know as well as anyone that it can be difficult to find the motivation to actively seek opportunities for creativity. It’s also easy to become discouraged by the achievements of others or the disappointment of a project that didn’t turn out as imagined. But I have also found that if you keep pushing yourself and avoid the temptation to make excuses, the benefits of overcoming those roadblocks are absolutely worth the effort.

If you’re struggling to get started, a great approach is to simply begin collecting new ideas. For instance, I take part in a Facebook group where designers, musicians, writers and the like can post their work and share inspiration. Great ideas can also be found in casual conversations with friends—my business-minded friends have opened my eyes to a whole new kind of creativity embodied in an entrepreneurial spirit. And, sometimes the best sources of inspiration can come from just taking time to observe and appreciate the world around us.

However you approach it, getting creative in your free time can be extremely rewarding. And, in most cases, just jumping in with sheer determination is all it takes to yield great results.

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Mustang Marketing Welcomes Mallorie Hendrix to the Team!

headshot-5x7The Mustang team has a new graphic designer to call our own: Mallorie Hendrix is our newest full-time employee! After coming to our aide as a temporary freelance designer in an extremely busy December of last year, she more than proved her value and commitment to the team, and we’re thrilled that she’ll be a permanent fixture of talent and support in our office.

Before joining Mustang, Mallorie worked as an independent contractor for six years, acquiring broad and varied industry and design experience in her work developing materials for clients ranging from athletic facilities to nonprofit institutions to restaurants. Mallorie’s expertise extends from branding and advertising to Web code and illustration.

Fun fact: Mallorie’s label design for Mee’s Kut tomato sauce can currently be seen in Bristol Farms stores nationwide.

Read Mallorie’s full bio here.

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