Community and Government Relations

Establishing Strong Connections and Lasting Relationships

Your organization is part of a complex ecosystem that also includes the communities where you operate and the governing bodies that serve those communities. But all too often, this ecosystem can be a needlessly vicious one, where you’re constantly defending your place on the food chain and with one wrong move — CHOMP — you’re eaten alive.

However, with a strong government and community relations strategy in place, you can help create a symbiotic system where your organization, neighboring organizations, community members and government representatives all work together for the mutual benefit of all. A perfect example is the $200 million bond we helped a local school district pass. It took two years of prep work, gathering community input and fostering relationships with influencers, but in the end the bond passed with 10 points to spare and no opposition on the sample ballot — something nearly unheard of in the district.

A diverse and influential core group of supporters is essential, whether you are working to win support for a project or mitigate potential controversy. And it is vital to establish relationships with your neighbors and government leaders long before you need them, and especially before there is a crisis to manage. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help you establish a plan and put it into action.

Our community and government relations services include:

  • Conducting focus groups
  • Creating presentations for meetings
  • Developing and executing crisis management strategies
  • Facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships between organizations
  • Identifying on-brand opportunities for community service/giving
  • Offering consultation and support for community and government events
  • Recommending associations or boards to join
  • Researching key contacts in the community and government
  • Providing introductions to relevant influencers within our own expansive network of connections

Don’t be a stranger.

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