Randi Harris


Randi Harris serves as Mustang Marketing’s executive vice president, and lives up to the title with her myriad of responsibilities and contributions to the company. Her various efforts stem all the way back to her role as Mustang’s co-founder, along with Scott Harris, in 1986 (thereby taking “supportive spouse” to a whole new level).

Randi also manages Mustang’s finances and accounting, but as significant of a job as that is, it is overshadowed by one other serious contribution to the company: her baked goods. Accompanying meetings, speaking engagements, client gift baskets, parties and more, Randi’s sweet snacks have taken on a fame of their own for their excellence in taste and aesthetics.

Any event that Mustang hosts or helps put together is given the hands-on Randi treatment, ensuring comprehensive coordination and striking just the right balance of professionalism and fun — which is exactly the vision she had for Mustang in the first place.

Randi’s escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find her …
Baking something irresistibly delicious!

Randi coordinated and helped design every square inch of Mustang’s office building.

Randi is solely responsible for Mustang’s now-signature brand color: purple.

Randi has a four-legged shadow in the form of a dog, named Olive.