Carly Little

Carly Little

Office Manager

Carly is basically our office goddess. It’s like when she opens the doors, the sun comes shining in. She makes sure the kitchen is delightfully stocked. She helps us organize our calendars. She jumps in on research tasks. She’s also in the process of taking on accounting and payroll for Mustang. Who knows, by the time you read this, she may already have — but let’s be honest — we don’t update these bios weekly.

Elsa, I mean CARLY — but really, she performed as Elsa for Disneyland’s California Adventure FROZEN LIVE before joining the team, is a Thousand Oaks native and UCLA graduate. In her previous life, she performed alongside Cathy Rigby in the national tour of Peter Pan before eventually playing the role of Peter, herself, at 5-Star Theatricals. While performing, she started producing productions of her own and found that she has a knack for the business side of things which led her to join us.

Whenever she’s frustrated, which is never, we tell her to “let it go” … and we’re wondering how long we can get away with that before we’re all frozen into ice statues.

At home, she’s mom to a precious little redhead, Gary, who certainly keeps her on her toes!

In addition to performing and singing, Carly was an accomplished gymnast for 15 years.

She brags that she can quote The Birdcage from start to finish.

A natural blonde (she wanted you to know), she enjoys pizza, sushi and Rosé all day.