Brett Robles

Graphic Designer

In Memoriam: Our friend and coworker, Brett Robles, passed away on April 27, 2020. We will miss his talent, but, more than that, we will miss his sense of humor and his kindness. Rest in peace, Brett.

We hired Brett because he’s a wine, whiskey and beer snob, and every office needs one of those.

Ok, technically we hired him for his design skills, but isn’t that already obvious by the title we gave him? A self-taught designer and Conejo Valley native, Brett has been doing graphic design and layout in various capacities for more than 25 years.

In 2001, he moved to Ventura to set up a graphics services department for a reprographics shop that was in the process of re-inventing itself as a more modern, full-service design and print provider. And eventually he provided the same services to another local printer before seeking work in an environment more directly focused on marketing and advertising.

And now here he is, having to give us fun facts about himself. Life comes at ya fast. According to Brett, he believes that peas were created by Satan. (The Mustang team is now brainstorming pranks that have to do with peas. Please don’t tell him.)

When Brett isn’t busy at work bringing creative campaigns to life or serving on the Graphic Design Curriculum Committee through Ventura Adults Continuing Education (VACE), you’ll probably find him on the Ventura Pier fishing, at Ventura Coast Brewery checking out the weekly Tap 9, playing his guitar or riding his motorcycle (he’s got a pretty sick bike). And recently, Brett put in an application to join the Son of the American Legion, with plans to join the American Legion Riders once his membership is confirmed.

Brett lived aboard a 36-foot sailboat for five years.

Brett is a huge F1 (Formula One) fan.

Brett is addicted to binge-watching horror and sci-fi movies he finds on various streaming services.