Public Relations

Communications Strategy and Content Development

Say you’re out on the town hoping to finally meet that special someone. If you walk right up to the first person who looks interesting and start loudly touting your many accolades, chances are you won’t get too far. But, if you’ve got a friend along as your wingman (or winglady) and they drop some strategic references to your accomplishments, you just might make an impression.

The same is true for your organization. Whether your greatest achievements are your innovations, financial successes, charitable work or something else, they become more meaningful when they are shared strategically, with the added credibility of third-party support. That’s where we come in.

At Mustang, we work with you to determine the audiences you need to reach (in the general public, media, and community and government), and we help you develop a strategy for connecting with them effectively. From there, we implement that strategy through efforts ranging from crafting compelling content that reflects your unique brand and securing media coverage to arranging speaking opportunities, establishing relationships with influencers and beyond. And pretty soon, you have a whole community full of wingpeople eager to help spread your messages.

“Mustang Marketing has been a great partner to S2K over the past several years. I've been particularly impressed with the press coverage they've garnered for S2K. That coverage has kept S2K in the spotlight within our industry and generated leads for us.”
- Dan Pulos, founder and president, S2K Graphics

Our public relations services include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Media Database Creation
  • Blog Content
  • Op-Eds and Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Speeches
  • Media Pitching and Monitoring
  • Coverage Reports
  • Relationship Building
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Planning and Support

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