Nerissa Stacey

Director of Communications

As Mustang Marketing’s director of communications, Nerissa is responsible for ensuring that all content produced by Mustang’s writing and PR team is consistent with brand messaging. She works closely with Mustang’s communications coordinator and marketing manager to oversee the development of strategic marketing and public relations campaigns.

Nerissa’s ability to multitask without sacrificing quality was evident in her resume: she graduated from California Lutheran University with a 3.97 GPA, putting her in the top five percent of her class and earning her Summa Cum Laude honors. She also maintained her own blog and worked as both a staff writer and marketing chair for two different organizations, all while attending college.

Oh, and if you’ve come into contact with Nerissa and feel compelled to reward her for outstanding work or customer service, don’t send flowers — she’d rather have pizza.

Nerissa has escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find her …
Binge-watching anything she can find on Netflix with her husband, Nolan!

Nerissa is a member of Lamda Pi Eta (the National Communication Association Honor Society) and the Scholastic Honor Society of CLU.

Nerissa has tackled nearly every sport there is, from baseball, basketball and soccer to gymnastics, competitive dance and fencing.

Nerissa has an extra vertebrae in her spine.