Kyle Johnson

Senior Software and Web Developer

Kyle Johnson is a senior software and web developer at Mustang Marketing. He first joined the firm in 2018 when Mustang acquired ZestNet Inc., the Ventura County-based marketing firm where he worked for 12 years.

Raised in Vancouver, Washington, Kyle attended the University of Portland, where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After graduating, he worked as a youth minister for a year, where he met Rob Rastovich, one of the founders of ZestNet. Rob invited Kyle to join his team in January of 2006, and Kyle stayed until the acquisition.

Kyle is a full-stack developer who enjoys working with both front- and back-end web technology. His job duties include writing diverse web applications for clients spanning a wide range of industries — from hospitals and universities to small businesses and nonprofits — as well as programming, database management and administration duties.

Kyle has escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find him…
At a theme park or theater.

Kyle is an active actor in Ventura County theater, where he regularly performs improv.

In college, Kyle won a disco dance competition.

Kyle has never broken a bone.