Jess Weihe

Director of Marketing

Jess is Mustang Marketing’s director of marketing. She works closely with the team to bring clients’ campaigns to life, developing copy for a variety of marketing collateral, including press releases, e-blasts, brochures, social media posts and beyond. She also manages a variety of accounts and is responsible for the marketing of Mustang itself.

An alumni of California Lutheran University, Jess received her bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in English before entering into the workforce in the television industry. She spent the past decade working as a reality television casting producer for various production companies, traveling nationwide to run open casting calls and conduct on-camera interviews with potential cast members. In addition to the general duties of casting, Jess also supervised the creative writing process for the cast member pitch pages presented to network executives.

After relocating back to her hometown of Newbury Park, where she and her husband decided to raise their daughters (and live close to the grandparents for babysitting!), Jess decided it was time to transition out of her freelance lifestyle to pursue a career that challenged her creatively and allowed her to pursue her passion of writing. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteer work, maintains a successful blog and serves as vice president of the local nonprofit Conejo Community Outreach.

Jess has escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find her…
Playing at the park with her daughters or enjoying a craft beer at her favorite local place, Bottle and Pint.

Jessica is a Beatles fan. She has a tattoo on her back of a blackbird, and her daughters’ middle names are Jude and Sadie.

Jessica has never been known to turn down Starbucks. Ever.

Jessica is a ferocious competitor and is extremely gifted at board game strategy — so much so that her husband will no longer play Monopoly with her.