Chris Barrett

Vice President

As Mustang Marketing’s vice president, Chris Barrett is an expert on each and every client, accumulating a wealth of knowledge about industries, audiences, competitors and products, as well as holiday plans. With this knowledge, Chris is able to ensure that exciting designs become effective campaigns by working closely with clients from the campaign’s conception to completion.

But Chris’ strengths aren’t limited to his project management and people skills; he’s also quite the design whiz. He has been published in PRINT’s Regional Design Annual and “1,000 Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Graphics.” Also, with nearly 30 ADDY and GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards, it’s safe to say he’s earned more design recognition than Michael Phelps has Olympic medals.

With an unrelenting focus on strategy, Chris’ ability to marry client relations with a unique design perspective has greatly enhanced Mustang’s philosophy of strategically driven creative.

Chris escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find him …
With a toddler in each arm! Chris and his wife have twins (one boy and one girl, both adorable)!

Chris owns three dogs, three horses, three goats, four cats, 11 chickens, 310 gallons worth of fish tanks and a 100-pound tortoise (coincidentally, his wife is a veterinarian).

Chris once lived in Manhattan…Kansas.

Chris celebrates the holidays with five Christmas trees and enough decorations to make Santa jealous.