Ally Bertik

Communications Coordinator

Ally can speak conversational Spanish.

Ally played on the high school tennis team and grew up dancing in ballet and hip-hop.

Ally loves to jam out to electric dance music, country and hip-hop.

A California native, Ally is Mustang’s communications coordinator. Working closely with the director of communications, Ally is responsible for coordinating and developing PR pitching efforts for Mustang’s clients, managing Mustang’s social media presence and assisting Mustang President Dianne McKay in various capacities.

Prior to college, Ally was a PR intern at SNL Communications, where she first started dabbling in PR and grew to love it. With a passion in mind, she would go on to study and major in communications, while minoring in Spanish from the University of Arizona. Her Spanish minor led Ally to study abroad in Madrid, Spain — to perfect her Spanish speaking skills, and of course, eat authentic Spanish cuisine. After traveling and graduating, Ally landed a role as a marketing coordinator for Premier Financial Search — giving her the amazing set of work skills and ethic she has today.

Ally credits her experience abroad for giving her the “travel bug.” She often makes plans to see different parts of the world whenever she can — most preferably places with a beach. She’s also an avid “gym rat,” and puts fitness and health at the top of her priorities. She refers to herself as a “social butterfly,” and enjoys exploring new and fun places in Los Angeles to eat and shop.

Ally has escaped from the office! You’ll most likely find her…
Working out or attending a music festival.