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Super Bowl Highlights for Marketers

The Super Bowl. To some it is a riveting athletic completion, to others it is a 12-minute concert sandwiched between countless hours of football, and to many it is a second Thanksgiving where the feast is comprised of nachos, hot wings, pizza and beer. For those of us in marketing, however, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the advertising efforts of some of the nation’s top brands.

This year, more than 110 million people watched the Super Bowl, and each 30-second commercial slot cost $5 million — plenty of incentive for advertisers to put their best foot forward. But creating a commercial that effectively captures your brand, resonates with your audience (which presumably, in this case, includes Super Bowl viewers), creates a lasting impression and motivates action isn’t easy. And without a strategic approach backed by impeccable creative, it’s nearly impossible.

So which brands won the marketing Super Bowl this year? Here are a few of the Mustang Marketing team’s favorites:


 For the past 10 years, Doritos has selected their Super Bowl commercial through a contest called Crash the Super Bowl. Fans submit 30-second ads, vote on their favorites and then Doritos selects a final winning entry to air during the Super Bowl. Not only does this allow Doritos to astronomically expand its creative resources, it also helps ensure that the ad concepts appeal to the company’s audiences and creates an opportunity for these audiences to actively engage with the brand.

This year, Doritos ran two different ads — one irresistibly cute, the other undeniably funny (though perhaps a bit more controversial) and both absolutely unforgettable!

Doritos Dogs

Doritos Ultrasound


Taco Bell

If you’re curious about how to get some extra mileage out of a Super Bowl ad, look no further than Taco Bell. The brand incorporated its Super Bowl commercial into a broader launch plan for its newest cheesy innovation — the Quesalupa. In January, Taco Bell announced that it would be unveiling its “biggest food creation yet” during the Super Bowl and invited fans to preorder the mysterious item, successfully creating excitement and encouraging their audience to take action.

The commercial itself — which centers around the theme that the Quesalupa is the next big thing in pop culture — is effective in its own right, offering great brand consistency and hunger-inducing visuals.

Bigger Than…




 These quotes from the Mustang team say it all…

“How can you not love a dachshund in a hot dog costume? Heartstrings!” – Megan Macias, copywriter

The Heinz commercial was awesome — wiener dogs dressed up as hot dogs running in slow motion. The close up of a puppy wiener dog takes the cake. I enjoy watching brands throw some silly comedy out there. It shows how comfortable you can be with your brand when you’re confident.” – Michael Arroyo, creative director

 “From a marketing standpoint, I think Heinz was embracing the first rule of any successful viral advertising campaign — puppies and/or kittens.” – Jenny Guy, director of communications

“The Heinz commercial is by far the best for me. It was adorable as well as funny. It is nice to see a company that could arguably be considered the top in its product for 100 years still thinking up innovative ads.” – Jess Williams, production manager.

Wiener Stampede



SoCal Honda Dealers

The Helpful Honda campaign is often used as a positive example in branding discussions at Mustang. In their 2016 Super Bowl commercial, the company announces that SoCal Honda dealers will extend a helpful hand once again by offering free uberX rides to locals for up to two hours following the Super Bowl — a great example of how to effectively define a brand, leverage partnerships and encourage audience engagement.

Home Safe with Free uberX Rides After the Big Game




Although not a Super Bowl ad in the traditional sense — as it promotes the Super Bowl itself, rather than capitalizing on the popularity of the Super Bowl to promote something else — the NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies” ad is pretty great. It captures “what makes the super bowl so super” with just the right blend of humor, creativity, adorableness and fun (although it probably did lead to more than a few awkward Super Bowl party conversations).

Super Bowl Babies

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl 50 commercial? Tell us on Facebook.


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A Hunger for Marketing

At Mustang Marketing, our collective interests include marketing (duh), a good card game (poker and “oh sh*t” are our favorites) — and food. So it should come to no one’s surprise that when brainstorming ideas for our 2016 calendar, a food and drink theme was a frontrunner from day one. It’s possible we held our creative meeting right around lunchtime, that someone was noshing on bite-size candy bars throughout the discussion, or that we chatted about dinner plans at some point during the hour — but, whatever the case, food was on our minds.

So, once the stage was set, we were charged with contriving witty products that spoke to Mustang’s history and services — as well as our taste buds. Over the course of two weeks, we came up with a host of ideas, some better than others, and narrowed them down to our 12 favorites. These 12 winners were then taken by our designers and developed into circular, label-like logos.

The outcome? A 12-month calendar that features 12 unique, Mustang-inspired products. There’s Randi’s Cookies & Baked Goods, an homage to Mustang’s executive vice president’s exceptional culinary skills, The Social Buzz honey (did you know we offer social media packages?), Purple Mountain Spring Water (if you’ve seen our offices, you know purple is kind of a big deal around here), and Mustang Orchards Creative Juice — just to name a few.

We hope that our calendar helps not only keep you on schedule but also brings a smile to your face each and every day.

Scroll through to see the final 12 designs!

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Lifelong Learners


In almost any profession, efforts to engage in ongoing learning play a pivotal role in growth and success. But, in a frequently evolving industry like marketing, it’s even more important to continually work to learn new skills, improve existing ones, and stay on the pulse of new ideas and developments.

That’s why the team at Mustang Marketing is committed to being lifelong learners. As such, we’re always excited to find opportunities to further our knowledge about our industry, clients and community, as well as fine-tuning our skills in our various fields of expertise. Here are just a few examples of our current learning ventures:

  • Our director of communications, Jenny Guy, has been participating in the Ventura County Leadership Academy (VCLA), a leadership development program intended to broaden awareness, understanding and appreciation of critical issues affecting life in Ventura County through contact with community leaders, participation in workshops, field studies and related activities.
  • Our creative director, Michael Arroyo, is currently involved in Leadership Conejo, a program designed to enhance participants’ knowledge of the Conejo Valley, expand their involvement in community affairs and increase communication among active community members — all while building leadership skills.
  • Our account director, Chris Barrett, recently attended Second Wind’s Certified Account Executive College, a two-day seminar covering the strategy, planning and proactive service that goes into building successful, productive client relationships.
  • Our design team engages in biweekly art talks to discuss key topics in design, expand their artistic knowledge and seek new sources of creative inspiration.
  • Our copywriters just expanded their repertoires with a copywriting fundamentals course through MediaBistro that covered a variety of tips and tricks for creating compelling copy for collateral, ranging from standard print ads to billboards and websites.

While each of these learning opportunities — and the many other learning opportunities we have, and will, engage in — are valuable and enjoyable for the Mustang team in and of themselves, the benefits we derive from our commitment to ongoing learning extend beyond the knowledge gained from any given program, course or seminar.

Challenging ourselves to continue learning helps keep our minds active and prepared to absorb and apply new information, whether it’s the ins and outs of a new client’s industry or the nuances of the latest technological innovation in marketing. Our persistent pursuit of learning also keeps us motivated and enthusiastic about our work, allowing us to perform at our best and produce the best possible results for our clients.

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Five Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2016

2016-Trends-Facebook (1)

The world of marketing is constantly changing, with each year bringing new ways to deliver brand messages. As a result, having a strategic marketing plan that is regularly updated in response to new trends and opportunities is essential to achieving ongoing success year after year. With 2016 just around the corner, and the importance of strategy in mind, Mustang Marketing has compiled a list of our predictions on the trends that will reign in the coming year…

Public Relations Like Never Before

With the rise of ad blocking, we predict that strong, strategic public relations efforts, including community and government relations, will become even more critical in this new year. Inspiring organic conversations about your brand and fostering community engagement through creative content, relationship building with influencers, transparency and earning key third-party endorsements will be what it takes to successfully connect with your audience in 2016.

Digital, Digital and More Digital

While print media still plays a vital role in advertising, especially for the generations of Digital Immigrants, our data-driven, digital world is inspiring an increasing number of even the most traditional brands to replace print media altogether in order to better engage their audience, track buyer habits and monitor the returns on their investment.

Mobile Optimization

In April 2015, Google launched an algorithm update that gave mobile-friendly websites higher rankings in the search results. This change has already motivated many companies to update their websites to responsive designs, and the trend is likely to continue.

Video Everywhere You Go

According to a forecast by the Cisco Visual Networking Index, video content will account for 80 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2019, and studies show that video ads have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than any other digital ad format. The stage is set for video content to play a major role in 2016 advertising plans.

Targeted Campaigns

Social media platforms like Facebook, as well as a variety of online data-collection tools, are able to gather remarkably detailed information about their users — from gender and age to geographic location, job title and personal interests — allowing advertisers to focus on the most relevant audiences. Campaigns that capitalize on this data are becoming an integral component of any digital marketing effort.

So, are you ready for 2016? The Mustang team is well equipped to help you stay on top of the trends and get the most out of your marketing efforts. Have a question? Email us to learn more!

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